Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Baseball Comics

Baseball has infused itself withing Japanese Culture, and one of the best examples is through Manga. Manga, a very popular Japanese style of art, is read by many people throughout the world. If you have never seen it, its basically like reading a comic book. Anyway there is a series in Japan that is about baseball.
The Series is called Major and it follows a young boy, Goro Honda, and his fa\ther, Shigehara Honda. His father is a player in the Japanese baseball league and his son idealizes him and also wants to make the majors. The family goes through hardships as they try to reach their dreams.
Major has also been adopted as a TV show as well which follows the same plot line.

There are two images you should look at, but I do not have the rights to use them. In the first link, there is an image of the Manga cover, in the second link there are a few pictures of what the animated show looks like. They are pretty neat looking so check them out.

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